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DAS Photonics

Photonic systems for THz spectroscopy and imaging


This research is aimed at developing new methods and processes for THz sensing platforms based on the quasi time domain spectroscopy (QTDS) for applications in material sciences such as THz scattering spectroscopy.

Expected Results:

This research activity is aimed at developing an optically-mediated multi-frequency and beam-steerable THz source tool to expand the application field of THz Photonics to material sciences and spectroscopy. Work in this activity will contribute to the expansion of non-destructive material testing for material characterization and identification in the THz domain as well as for THz imaging. This research work will contribute to answering TERAOPTICS’ research Challenges II, III and V.

Planned secondment(s):

  • to FTMC (Prof. Gintaras Valušis), M10 ~1 month, on introduction into diffractive optics for THz frequency range
  • to UC3M (Prof. Guillermo Carpintero), M24 for ~ 1 month, for THz imaging experiments
  • to UDE (Prof Andreas Stöhr), M30 for ~ 2 month, for THz imaging and QTDS experiments