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Shuya Iwamatsu is with University Duisburg-Essen

Shuya Iwamatsu, M.Sc. – Integrated optical THz beam steering arrays (ESR 2)

Researcher: Shuya Iwamatsu

Researcher CV: Shuya Iwamatsu received the Bachelor of Engineering from Osaka University, Japan, 2020 and the Master of Engineering from Osaka University, Japan, 2021. His bachelor and master degrees concentrated on developing resonant tunneling diode (RTD) oscillators for terahertz (THz) wireless communications. He was the recipient of the Runner-Up at the Best Student Paper Award of the IRMMW-THz in 2020. He is currently working toward the Ph. D. degree on photonics-assisted terahertz beam steering system using leaky-wave antenna with the Optoelectronics department, University of Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany.

Research objectives: Due to the high free-space path loss at THz frequencies, moderate output powers and receiver sensitivities, future mobile THz applications such as THz communications but also mobile THz sensing for material identification (security, material science) must utilize meta-surfaces providing directive and steerable THz beams. The aim of this research is to investigate approaches for THz beam steering (Challenge II) and to integrate photonic phase shifters and wideband optical true-time-delays with mediated THz sources developed in the network (Challenge V) to demonstrate <1 THz beam steering.

Expected results: Optically mediated antennas array providing directive and steerable beams at up to 1THz.

Planned secondment(s):

  • to FTMC (Dr. Irmantas Kašalynas), M10 for 1 month, on training in solid state THz sources and spectroscopic THz imaging
  • to TRT (Dr. Daniel Dolfi), M16 for 1 month, for low-phase noise optical THz generation using TRTs dual-mode lasers
  • to DAS (Dr. Valentin Polo), M28 for 2 months, for exp. testing of beam-steering arrays in spectroscopic imagers

Andreas Stöhr

Professor at University Duisburg-Essen and Network Coordinator of TERAOPTICS