Low phase noise photonic THz sources
Microwave Photonics GmbH

Low phase noise photonic THz sources


This research is aimed at developing new optical methods and processes for developing photonic integrated low phase noise reference oscillator chips. The research also aims at locking those photonic reference oscillator chips with optical optical heterodyne generators for low phase noise photonic THz generators. This technology platform will be beneficial for applications including THz communications and material sciences such as THz scattering spectroscopy.

Expected Results:

This research activity is aimed at developing an optically-mediated low phase noise THz source to expand the application field of THz Photonics to communications, material sciences, and spectroscopy. Work in this activity will contribute to the expansion of non-destructive material testing for material characterization and identification in the THz domain as well as for THz imaging and THz communications. This research work will contribute to answering TERAOPTICS’ research Challenges II, III and V.

Planned secondment(s):

  • to R&S (Dr. Gerd Hechtfischer), M12 ~1 months, on high frequency phase noise measurements
  • to UDE (Prof. Andreas Stöhr), M24 for ~ 1.5 months, for THz spectroscopy and THz communications measurements
  • to UCL (Prof. Cyril Renaud), M30 for ~1 months on THz spectroscopy measurements