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Jose Javier Fernandez-Pacheco Cuesta is with THALES

Realization of solid-state lasers for millimetre-wave to THz signal generation

Researcher: Jose Javier Fernandez-Pacheco Cuesta

Researcher CV: José Javier Fernández-Pacheco Cuesta has received his bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering of Communications from the University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain and has achieved a master’s degree in photonics engineering where participates three universities: Carlos III of Madrid University, Polytechnic of Madrid University and Alcalá University. His master thesis focused on distributed optical fiber sensing has been developed in the Photonics Engineering Group, University of Alcala.

Objectives: The purpose of this project is to develop efficient and ultra-stable dual-frequency lasers at 1.55 µm. This laser will feed photomixers developed by ULIL and other partners to generate powerful and coherent THz radiation.

Expected Results: Realization of a THz source based on a 100 mW compact and transportable Dual Frequency Laser (DFL) that will generate an optically-carried tunable THz signal by beating of the two optical IR modes, whose frequency spacing will be fixed at 280 GHz +/-3%. Also, because the two wavelengths share the same cavity in our DFL configuration, lower phase noise and smaller linewidth (< kHz) are expected. This research addresses Challenge I and V.

Planned secondment(s):

  • to ULIL (Prof. Guillaume Ducournau), M24, ~2 months for generation of THz signals using photomixer developed at ULIL and telecom systems tests.
  • to UCL (Prof. Cyril Renaud), M34, ~2 months for telecom systems tests