You are currently viewing Abdu Subahan Mohammed, M.Sc. – Smart THz integration using III-V and silicon technologies (ESR 4)
Abdu Subahan Mohammed is with University Lille

Abdu Subahan Mohammed, M.Sc. – Smart THz integration using III-V and silicon technologies (ESR 4)

Researcher: Abdu Subahan Mohammed

Researcher CV: Abdu Subahan Mohammed received the Bachelors and Masters dual degree in Physics from IISER Thiruvananthapuram, India in 2020. His bachelor´s degree concentrated on intensity modulator based frequency combs generation and phase noise characteristics. After graduation he worked as Junior research fellow in Advanced Photonics and Microscopy laboratory Electrical and Communication Engineering Dept  IISc Bangalore where he was working in ‘on-chip quantum devices for quantum applications#. He is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree on Smart THz integration using III-V and silicon technologies as a Member of the Terahertz Photonics group, Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology  (University of Lille), France.

Objectives: The purpose of this project is to enable smart approaches for core THz devices integration by investigation of new methods for packaging at mm-wave and THz frequencies. In this project, we target to develop smart integration of mm-wave and THz devices using laser-machined micro-packages, enabling ‘functional packaging’ at THz range. Core devices to be integrated here will be considering both III-V and silicon THz photonics devices This research work will mainly contribute to answering TERAOPTICS’ research Challenge III, IV and V.

Expected Results: This project targeted outcome is the smart integration of core devices like photomixers and/or detection diodes/harmonic mixing diodes, the building blocks being compatible within several technologies (SiPho, InP, BiCMOS…).

Planned secondment(s):

  • to RAL (Prof. Peter Huggard), M12 for 2 months, for understanding metal waveguide cavity blocks using CNC technology
  • to STM (Daniel Gloria), M18 for 2.5 months, to be trained on STM technology in semiconductor SiGE and SiPho technologies