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Aritrio Bandyopadhyay is with University Lille

Coherent and powerful generation using THz source arrays


The purpose of this project is to develop THz sources tackling the actual power limitations within photomixers. This implies both arrayed structures to be developed at THz frequencies and coherent and stable dual-frequency lasers or frequency combs to feed these arrays to enhance the optical to THz conversion ratio. This research work will contribute to answering TERAOPTICS’ research Challenges I and V. The developed devices will be used to demonstrate wireless data links in the THz range.

Expected Results:

Powerful and stable THz sources for THz communications at 300 GHz – 1 THz.

Planned secondment(s):

  • to UC3M (Prof. Guillermo Carpintero), M12 for ~ 1 month, for antenna arrays design
  • to TRT (Dr. Daniel Dolfi), M24 for ~ 2 months, for dual laser to enable stable optical beat-notes
  • to UCL (Prof. Cyril Renaud), M34 for ~ 2 months, system-level tests using III-V Photomixers in the THz communication test-benches (common work between UCL and ULIL partners)